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Ousson-sur-Loire & its history


Ousson-sur-Loire, a village of 752 inhabitants, is situated in the Loiret (45) department of France at the gateway to the Loire Valley.  Listed as a Unesco world heritage site in the year 2000 for its outstanding cultural and natural landscape, historic towns and châteaux, the Loire Valley is  one of the best known tourist regions in France. 

Ousson-sur-Loire is one of the few villages in the region which is situated directly on the banks of the Loire.  The village has many charming cottages and houses, including La Chaumière which dates back to pre-Napoleonic times and is located about 50 meters from the banks of the Loire and its bike path.  Other historical buildings include a former presbytery from the 17th century, the former monk's courtyard was the vegetable garden for the abbey of Saint-Benoît, and the village church which was one of the first built, its fondation dates back to 300 BC. In 1562 the original church was knocked down and its stones were used to build fortifications to protect the village from medieval looters. It was rebuilt in 1762.  The current "Hôtel du Soleil" originally housed the guards of the gate to the fortified village.  Ousson-sur-Loire, with its 1700 meter natural riverbank quay, has a stunning view of the Loire, Ousson island (or Gaston island) and Goats island.  There are two Natura 2000 zones for the protection of wildlife which allow several bird species to thrive.


​Ousson-sur-Loire is on the "Loire à vélo" bike route, one of the most beautiful bike paths in France. With family or friends, as a traveller or just for a short ride, by e-bike or not, there is something for all ages and everyone will be able to find their own rhythm. Sometimes along the Loire river, sometimes along the side canals, village after village, within an authentic and natural environment sheltering a rich and diverse fauna, the "Loire à vélo" is more than a route, it is a true path of discoveries.

Sumptuous architecture, bucolic landscapes, magnificent vineyards and gastronomy, the Loire Valley encapsulates all the genius, beauty and charm of the French "art de vivre".

Bed&Breakfast today, La Chaumière was a hotel-restaurant before and the "Café de l'Union" at the beginning of the tweenty century. Below, La Chaumière on the the Napoleonic property register of 1836. Website of the Loiret's registers

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